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Council spends £663,000 on preventing floods in the Cotswolds

Cotswold District Council has spent £663,000 to date, on flood prevention schemes following the floods in July 2007.

A range of projects have been carried out by Cotswold District Council (CDC) who have been working together with Gloucestershire County Council, the Environment Agency, town and parish councils, riparian owners and water companies.

Some of the major projects underway include:

  • A flood protection screen at River Evenlode at Moreton-in-Marsh
  • A new land drainage protocol which states the timescale riparian owners need to carry out ditch clearance
  • A new flood alleviation scheme at Bourton-on-the-Water
  • Purchase of early flood warning systems
  • Hydrological and Hydraulic modelling in various locations to simulate flood situations

Gloucestershire County Council has put in additional funds of £206,000 while DEFRA have allocated grants of £130,000 to towns and villages in the Cotswolds. So altogether, all three authorities, including CDC, have spent close to £1 million.

CDC's Flood Recovery Action Plan in November 2007 highlighted the need for ditch clearance by riparian owners in various locations and this work is now being implemented.

Clive Bennett, Portfolio Holder for Safe and Strong Communities said:

"I am proud of what the Council has achieved over the last 18 months; I am proud of the effort the staff have made. I was not interested in quick fixes, I was more concerned with getting the job done properly even if it took a little longer. This has not been an easy task and the work is not finished but we are moving in the right direction and everything possible is being done, as quickly as possible, to protect residents from the threat of flooding in the future."

Source: Cotswold District Council

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