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Mickleton allotment co-operative

(From the Chipping Campden Bulletin. included with kind permission of Jeremy Green)

April has brought the commencement of the fourth season, which, after a very wet period in early March, has seen the allotments dry out to the extreme on the surface. Twelve plots are in use by the co-operative, leaded by a growing number of participants, each receiving fresh vegetables and flowers for their efforts - payment in kind on a sharing basis. A portion of the produce is given to various inhabitants of Mickleton, just for the pleasure of giving. Other produce is sold through the local shops to raise money for randomly chosen 'good causes' in the locality.

For some people, the thought of coping with an allotment can be daunting. However, the opportunity to partcipate in this scheme means that everyone can enjoy the experience of working together, building a community spirit in the process. Come and enjoy the view of Meon Hill, hear the 'mew' of the buzzards and watch them as they ride the thermals overhead. Listen for the cuckoo; catch a glimpse of the golden plover, or an occasional barn owl - it's all here around Mickleton Allotments!

Hello, Please could you let


Please could you let me know if you currently have a spare plot for an allotment in the village of Mickleton. I am very keen to start to grow my own vegetables, If there is a waiting list could you put my name down and let me know via email, Or if you do have a plot could you let me know via email the cost and terms and conditions

I look forward to your response

Clare Cox

I too am very interested in

I too am very interested in allotment. I am interested in my own or sharing (ie co-operative). My tel number is 01789 720535

Hi, Please can you advise if


Please can you advise if you have any allotments available at Mickleton, as I would be very interested.
I am a keen young gardener.My phone number is: 07963 088297

Thank you for help.


Richard Rouse

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