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The first new Boundary Stones in Gloucestershire for over 100 years

Ebrington Parish, near Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire GL55 6NA, is going to erect seven boundary stones to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.    This is probably the first time in over 100 years that Boundary Stones have been erected in Gloucestershire and probably far beyond this County and what better time to erect these stones than for such an historic occasion as the Diamond Jubilee   
On February 6th 2012 Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate 60 years on the throne. It will be only the second Diamond Jubilee in a thousand years of monarchs. No one alive now is likely to see one again.
Whilst Ebrington Parish will be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee with a series of village events around the weekend of 2nd June 2012, including the lighting of abeacon as part of the beacon chain, it was felt, in typical “Yubberton fashion”,that we could do something special and different and create a permanent reminder of this very special event.
The stones would be available to all, to both see, to sit on and to picnic on, and,as the Parish is very close to two National Trails - The Cotswold Way and The Heart of England Way - as well as a large network of waymarked footpaths and bridleways, we would anticipate that these stones would become a very popular and publicised leisure attraction for the large numbers of visitors that come to the Cotswolds  

1) To erect a carved boundary stone at a site where each of the adjoining seven parishes meet the boundary of Ebrington Parish as a lasting legacy of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and as permanent monuments to this unique occasion.
2) To erect a suitably inscribed boundary stone centrally within Ebrington village to explain and map the Project
3) To publish a leaflet of walks connecting the Boundary Stones and giving information on the Project and on the Parish and recording the sponsors of the Project
4) This will be a true Community Project with all the stones and the carving being supplied by craftsmen with strong family and social connections with Ebrington Parish and all the administration, preparation, transport and siting being done by Ebrington residents 


  • The stones will be of Cotswold stone, quarried within a 15 mile radius of Ebrington  
  • The stones will be of a suitable size and weight to be seen and not to be moved    
  • The stones will be left natural as they come out of the ground, and their size and shape will be matched to their site location
  • The stones will be suitably carved, EIIR/2012/DIAMOND to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and will be carved by a local stonemason within a 10 mile radius of Ebrington
  • The stonemason has been given license to carve each stone individually and the position and style of the wording will reflect the stone shape and its site
  • The stones will be suitably carved to identify EBRINGTON and each of the  seven adjoining parishes eg CHIPPING CAMPDEN
  • The stones will be located where they are accessible by road, footpath or bridleway, where they can be appreciated and visited by all and where they can be maintained
  • At least one of the stones will have disabled access
  • At least two of the stones will be flat topped for sitting on and for use as a picnic spot 
  • To involve Ebrington Primary School with a learning exercise set around the complete Project - the Parish Boundary, the adjoining Parishes and Counties andthe Boundary Stones. The School will prepare a 2012 time capsule to bury under one of the stones
  • To produce an information leaflet showing the position of each stone, of each Parish and of each County, identifying footpath/bridleway trails between each of the stones and to havethat leaflet available to residents and visitors through local businesses and the TICs throughout the Cotswolds 
  • To offer sponsorship by letter, by word, by symbol or by stone from £5.00 to £450.00, so that everyone in the Parish has an opportunity to contribute no matter what their personal circumstances   
  • If you would like further dertails of this unique Project or would like to offer sponsorship please contact Tony Boyse at or telephone 01386 593302

The Project progress will be updated each month as "project milestones" (excuse the pun) are completed
Source: Ebrington Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Committee




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