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Explore a selection of shoes at Cotswold Museum session

Step into line at the Corinium Museum next month when local nursery children join forces with staff to create a temporary shoe show.

The museum will team up with local nurseries Stepping Stones, Bright Eyes Nursery, Cirencester Opportunity Group and Acorns Nursery School, to offer each group individual historic shoe ‘handling sessions’.

The 35-minute sessions, led by one of the Museum’s Education Officers, will allow the toddlers to understand why we wear shoes, explore different types of shoes and take part in a range of activities, including drawing shoes and playing ‘shoe pairs’.

The classes will also read a fairytale such as Cinderella or The Elves and the Shoe Maker and discuss the key role played by shoes in them. Each group will also create a large artwork as part of the exhibition called “Cinderella Shoes”.

The handling sessions will be taking place from mid November to early December.

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