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Simon Chorley's next auction includes selected items from Prinknash Abbey

Thursday 18th September 10.30 am - Simon Chorley Art & Antiques, Prinknash Abbey Park, Gloucestershire GL4 8EX.
After a busy summer Simon Chorley Art & Antiques are kick-starting the autumn sales with another blockbuster auction on 18th September. Buyers will be able to purchase a slice of history as selected items from Prinknash Abbey go under the hammer.
 Lots 218 and 217Many items are consigned to auction due to ‘downsizing’ and the items from the Abbey are no exception.  As the Benedictine community have moved from a large 1970s Abbey back to their old home at St Peter’s Grange, they are shedding one or two items surplus to requirements.  These include Lot 217, a chalice and paten by Hart of Chipping Campden, 1934, estimate £800-1,200.  The chalice, with its hammered texture is typical of their work.  Another unusual item is Lot 298, an 18 ct gold Pontifical glove ring bearing a cameo portrait of Pope Pius VII (1740-1823), estimated at £1,500-2,000.

Some very interesting pieces of brown furniture are included in this sale such as Lot 650, an 18th century mahogany bureau bookcase, estimate £4,000-6,000 which comes with an intriguing history.  A handsome Chippendale period example with decorative cornice and plinth, it has a good fitted interior that contained a mystery which has intrigued scholars.  A secret drawer was found to contain promissory notes linking it to a William Chippindale of Farnley, the second cousin of Thomas Chippendale.  While the auctioneers do not feel it is a Chippendale piece, the connection is sure to arouse interest.
From the same source comes Lot 652, a fine 18th century serpentine chest, estimate £2,000-3,000, with a fitted interior including a writing slope.

Louis XIV CabinetLot 642, a Louis XIV ebony, ivory and tortoiseshell cabinet, c1650, is estimated to fetch between £20,000-£25,000 .
This fine cabinet-on-stand was originally acquired by a local Gloucestershire family in payment of a bad debt from a French client.  Similar examples can be found in the Victoria & Albert Museum and Windsor Castle.

The period between the Edict of Nantes in 1598, and its revocation in 1685 saw a flourishing in French cabinet making.  The influx of craftsmen from around Europe, particularly the Huguenots, drew in influences and skills which allowed furniture making to increase in sophistication and scope.  The heyday of ebony cabinet making was perhaps 1640-1660 and was focused on Paris due to the availability of skilled craftsmen and the cost of exotic wood and materials.
The cabinet doors are carved with two scenes from early Roman history, that of Gaius Mucius and Marcus Curtius.  Both were young men prepared to give up their own lives in order that Rome should survive.  The doors enclose a fantastic inlaid interior ‘caisson’ with hidden drawers and the feel of a miniature stage where treasures could be displayed.
Simon Chorley Art & Antiques have become the venue of choice in Gloucestershire for the sale of furniture over £10,000 with several stunning results this year.  This cabinet offers another opportunity for buyers to buy top quality furniture, once the preserve of the London salerooms, in the provinces.

A very strong selection of decorative arts items will be sure to arouse local and international interest.  The furniture includes Lot 645, a highly decorative hall cupboard attributed to Shapland and Petter of Barnstaple, estimate £2,500-3,500.  It is a bold visual statement with the panel door having stylized art nouveau copper strap hinges and inlaid with two peacocks.  The austerity and the quality of Arts and Crafts design is typified by a Peter Waals walnut side table, Lot 634, made for Thomas Goodheart-Pite, briefly the headmaster of Cheltenham College.  Estimated at £1,200-1,500 it will be of great interest to collectors of Cotswold Arts and Crafts items.

Lot 634There is a strong selection of traditional clocks including two bracket clocks, longcases, a skeleton clock and more, but it is the early 20th century that yields the finest example.  The Magnus table clock, Lot 481, designed by Archibald Knox is a truly stunning decorative item in a silver case with enamelled embellishment.  The enamelled dial does not have numerals, rather the Latin words ‘Tempus Fugit’ – Time Flies.  Estimated at £10,000-15,000 there is every chance that this lot will soar.

For lovers of the decorative arts and the Arts and Crafts period in particular a visit to the saleroom can be combined with a visit to an exhibition running at the same time, ‘Arts & Crafts Movement – Influences and Inspiration’, a selling exhibition curated by John Beer and hosted by Simon Chorley Art & Antiques will run from 10th – 24th September.

Auction Public Viewing: 10th – 18th September (including weekend), 10am – 4pm, except for Tuesday 16th September, 10am – 7pm

For further details please contact Thomas Jenner Fust or Simon Chorley at Simon Chorley Art & Antiques on 01452 344499 or visit for the online catalogue.

Simon Chorley Art & Antiques
Prinknash Abbey Park, Gloucestershire GL4 8EX
Telephone 01452 344499
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Source: IONA PR

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