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Council seeks local views on dog controls

Dogs could be subject to stronger controls in the Cotswolds later this year following the outcome of the current public consultation by the District Council.

The Council is considering adopting new powers under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (2005), which allow local authorities to introduce Dog Control Orders. The Orders could cover the following:

  • preventing fouling of land by dogs
  • requiring owners to keep dogs on leads
  • excluding dogs from specified land
  • controlling the number of dogs a person can take onto specified land

Before introducing any orders, the Council wants to find out which towns and villages are experiencing dog-related problems and how the orders might improve the situation.

A questionnaire has been sent to all town and parish councils in the District and residents, land owners and businesses are encouraged to contact their local town or parish council to let them know of their concerns.  The community can also give their views by filling in a short survey on the Council’s website at

The initial consultation, which runs until the end of January, will also include short telephone surveys with randomly-selected callers to the Council.

All the responses will be analysed and depending on the results a series of draft Dog Control Orders will then be drawn up.  A more detailed public consultation will then follow in Spring or early Summer 2008.

The Council anticipates rolling out the Dog Control Orders in September 2008 but this will depend on the feedback received through the consultation phases.

Public Protection Manager Kate Bishop said: “We recognise that dog fouling and other dog-related matters are emotive issues and we would like to hear the public’s views on the subject before deciding whether or not dog control orders are needed in the Cotswolds.

“Dog fouling in particular can create a potential health hazard.  Whilst we currently have some laws in place to deal with this, the new powers could provide us with additional tools such as fixed penalty notices to deal with this unsociable matter”

Anyone who breaches the terms of a Dog Control Order faces a fine of up to £1,000 or the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty notice.

I am visiting this Cotswold

I am visiting this Cotswold site having lived and worked in the area of Cheltenham. I continue to visit being associated with the Planned Environment Therapy Trust (PETT) Archive & Study Centre at Toddington. I live in Sth. London and was immediately intrigued by your 'Dog Control Orders' issue which is also similarly under consultation in Lewisham.

I will study the Cotswold Dog Control Survey and put my input into it. Likewise I invite readers to this comment to access Lewisham Council's Dog Control Survey and input to that. Please visit link which you may need to copy and paste into your browser: Please also visit my article about Dogs Control and Dogs in Cemeteries in particular:

The borough of Lewisham proposes to open up even more Lewisham green space to dogs with only a mere two wardens to patrol and enforce the whole of Lewisham’s Dog Control Orders. This is utter madness. I wonder if the same is true for the Cotswold? What is even more outrageous is that cemeteries, notwithstanding being sanctified places, are to be given over fully to 'mutt muckers'. Cemeteries should be strictly forbidden to dog walkers nationally let alone in Lewisham cemeteries. I am a 'Friend of Brockley & Ladywell (conjoined) Cemeteries' which have a grade 1 certification accorded them because of their 'unique inner-city biodiversity status' which one might think was also an argument to continue to ban the detrimental effect dogs undoubtedly have on such 'reserves'.

I am not against dogs per se. In rural areas and rural communities they undoubtedly have their tradition and place, even, 'with a job which they do wagingly'.

However, there remains that arrogance which is instilled in the mind of ‘many of the minority’ of those of the total of the populous that are dog owners that their dog may be imposed upon the majority populous who do not and don't want to own a dog.

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