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Post Office closures are "Politics of the Madhouse"

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown the Conservative Member of Parliament for the Cotswolds found some unlikely allies during a debate on Post Office Closures yesterday in the form of seven Labour MPs.
In a wide ranging condemnation of the closures Mr Clifton-Brown began by stating that "I cannot remember a debate in my entire time in Parliament in which the Government's actions have been so fully condemned by so many Labour members"

Through repeated references to the situation in the Cotswolds, he was able to highlight the flawed nature of the access criteria, the economic mismanagement of the Post Office Network by the Government and the damage this will cause to the rural way of life in the Cotswolds.

In his concluding remarks Mr Clifton-Brown noted "The financial calculations don't make sense, the access criteria are too limited and the consultation period is too short"

In response to pressure from the MP, Pat McFadden speaking for the Government confirmed that if one Post Office is to be saved another in the local area may well be forced to close.

Commenting afterwards Mr Clifton-Brown said "I have always been a vocal campaigner for the Cotswolds across all areas and I was delighted to be able to highlight the politics of the madhouse that have led to these closures". The number of Labour Members demonstrating their opposition at this debate, combined with Mr Clifton-Brown's vociferous defence of the Cotswolds Post Office network are a further blow to the Government and its tainted round of closures. This weekend it was revealed that seven Cabinet Ministers, including two who were members of the Cabinet when closure plans were approved last May, are fighting to save their own location branches.

Source: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (Cotswold)

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