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Cotswolds MP calls for action on pedigree dog breeding

The plight of dogs suffering from genetic disorders caused through pedigree dog breeding was demonstrated in a recent BBC One Documentary titled “Pedigree Dogs Exposed”.
The programme was deeply critical of the current set up of the Kennel Club and dog shows, in particular their insistence on breeding traits into pedigree dogs which can have painful and life threatening consequences on the dogs.  The MP has been highly critical of the Kennel Club’s complete disregard for the animals suffering.

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP was pleased to see Carol Fowler from Gloucestershire, whose appearance came as a culmination of a number of years of pressure after she became aware of the genetic disorder syringomyelia, which affects Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, the breed of dog she owns.

Throughout her journey Mr Clifton-Brown has offered all assistance he could to Carol.  This has included meeting with officials from the Kennel Club, leading animal welfare vets and scientists in the House of Lords organised by the Companion Animal Welfare Council and with senior officials from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who have responsibility for animal welfare concerns.

Commenting on the programme the MP said “it clearly showed the persistent criticism and ridicule that Carol has faced from breeders who have a vested interest in seeing the current status quo maintained.”

“However, I know Carol to be a hugely determined lady and I will continue to assist her in persuading the Government that they must act now to change the culture of pedigree dog breeding and showing in this country.  It is only if this occurs that the unnecessary suffering of our innocent canine companions can be avoided”

The MP will be writing to the Rt Hon the Lord Rooker, the Minister in charge of Animal Welfare to encourage him to watch the programme and to arrange a meeting with Carol and himself to discuss the future of pedigree dog breeding in the UK.

Source: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (Cotswold)

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