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Council’s ‘Sanctuary’ scheme given funding boost

The multi-agency Cotswold Sanctuary Scheme, set up to support victims of domestic abuse, has been given a funding boost this month with a £12,000 cash injection.

Sanctuary – which involves Cotswold District Council, Gloucestershire Police, Safer Cotswolds, HomeView, Anchor Staying Put and the Cotswold Women’s Service – was given £10,000 by The Department for Communities and Local Government, and a further £2,000 was awarded from the Cotswold Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership.

The scheme is aimed at people who feel vulnerable or threatened by an ex-partner or family member, and provides additional security measures for the home, making it difficult for unwanted visitors to gain access to the property.

It makes it possible for people affected by domestic abuse to remain in their own home and feel safe rather than being relocated to other areas away from family networks, employment and schooling.

The Sanctuary Scheme began in April 2007 and to date has helped 14 households to stay safe and secure.  The additional funding will ensure that the scheme continues to be available across the Cotswold District.

Cllr Sir Edward Horsfall, Cotswold District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community Services said:  “This is a scheme that we have pioneered, it has since been developed across the Cotswolds, and it’s proved to be extremely successful. “I’m delighted with its success and am very pleased that it’s been recognised with the award of £12,000.”

Anyone who has been affected by domestic abuse should contact The Cotswold Women’s Service on 01285 652871, while The Gloucestershire Central Allocation & Referral Point is available on 0845 6029035.

Source: Cotswold District Council

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