Kris Paterson


UK Government saves 20,000 jobs in the TV and Film Industry

A government-backed scheme will allow more than 160 productions to start filming again, saving nearly 20,000 jobs

Fancy a part-time job paying $200,000?

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) has made international news by advertising a part-time job in Pennsylvania, the USA, that comes with a whopping salary of $200,000!

Job market set to bounce in the UK whilst the EU struggles

This will be welcome news for Pro Brexiteers and food for thought for those who think the UK should have remained in the EU.

Working from home can be bad for your health

If safety measures are not taken, then it could lead to expensive claims for employers

Google to pay $3.8 million in discrimination against Asians and woman

Google has accepted to pay $3.8 million to resolve the ongoing discrimination issue against Asian and women engineers.

20% of New York firms to layoff employees by the end of July 2021

" I have no idea how I can make cuts to my workforce and continue to trade at the same time. I honestly cannot see a future for my firm right now".

Thousands Of New Jobs being created in post-pandemic Britain

Despite the shattering situation in the global job market, there is still a lot of hope on the horizon for a post-Brexit Britain's ambitions to create new jobs for young people.

Hundreds of job vacancies available within the NHS for mass vaccination drive

Vaccinators will be paid between £10.09 - £11.19 p/hour, while £12.74 p/hour will be given to registered medical professionals. The RHCP Clinical Supervisor (Immunisations) will receive £16.04 p/hour.

Kris Paterson