Kris Paterson


Covid-19 related benefits fraud has cost the US $36 billion

According to a recent report, an engineering student from Nigeria has made $50,000 during the pandemic through fraudulent claims.

Air Canada to lay off a total of 5,000 employees in 2021

Again, upsetting news came up from the flight industry due to the prolonged effect of Covid-19. At least 5,000 employees will be losing their job from Air Canada airlines by 2021

Best Buy furloughed over 50,000 employees

Best Buy has furloughed over 50,000 employees working on hourly wages as well as the part-time staff who were appointed in different stores across the country.

Heineken sales drop leads to 8000 job losses

There is no sector left that has not been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic including Heineken.

How tough is it to find a job during a pandemic?

The employment sector has crashed significantly as a result of the pandemic.

Transport for London to recruit hundreds of apprentices

Transport for London has announced plans to recruit over 100 new apprentices.

President Biden proposes 10 million clean energy jobs

The US President during his speech declared that the US is going to address climate change and establish a ‘modern and sustainable infrastructure’ by 2035

Kris Paterson