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UK’s space sector creates 3,000 jobs

Science Minister Amanda Solloway announced that "The UK’s space sector has seen growth in both jobs and income due to increased investment in research and development. This means it is well-placed to grow strongly as the UK recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic."

Truck Driver Shortage in UK After Brexit

According to lobby group, Logistics UK, a third of UK logistics companies will face truck driver shortages in 2021. With an expected tenth of companies finding that this shortage in drivers will pose a significant barrier to the recovery of their business from the pandemic.

Reopening of Theme Parks in California won’t fix states job losses

California’s decision to ease pandemic-related business restrictions means amusement parks can open up again for the first time in a year. However the parks can only open up again at 25% capacity. Still it will be a boost to local tourism and related hospitality industries but unemployment remains a huge problem in the state. Leisure industry job losses made up the largest part of the state’s job market last year, accounting for 42% of California’s 1.25 million statewide jobs losses during the pandemic era.

Marks & Spencer makes 245 redundancies across Ireland

Marks & Spencer is reportedly seeking redundancies across 18 Irish stores according to an interview with the Irish Independent newspaper. Trade unions Mandate and Siptu will ballot staff on the proposed redundancy plan, with the recommendation that staff accept the offer. As figures show that there was a decline in the sales being made in shops prior to the Covid 19 pandemic. This decline has now been accelerated due to the lockdown conditions.

Formaplex set to make over 100 redundancies under new owner Elaghmore

Formaplex, at Voyager Park, Portsmouth, a manufacturer that supplies components to the likes of Rolls-Royce and the F1 motorsport sector, has announced that it will make more than 110 redundancies from its Hampshire workforce

Quarantines effect on employment

According to the International Labor Organization the global working hours fell by 14% in the second quarter of 2020. This is the equivalent of 400 million full-time jobs being lost. The worldwide Corona Virus pandemic has caused unprecedented financial losses to businesses and their employees worldwide. Employees were either transferred to working remotely at home or losing their jobs at a time when hiring was put on hold in most companies

Redundancies at Perth Covid test kit firm

Thermo Fisher Scientific has based in Auld Bond Road in Perthshire been producing millions of tubes every week for use in taking Covid 19 sample collections. In October 2020 the company announced a recruitment drive for 200 staff as it ramped up production. In January it was looking to recruit for 400 new staff.

KBR employee gets £2.5m payout by tribunal after being forced out of job after 40 years while battling cancer

David Barrow, 64, won his claims for unfair dismissal, harassment and unfavourable treatment after he was let go from Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) a Texas-based engineering and infrastructure company.

Clare Magness