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Should staff return to the office?

For example, it may persist with current Covid-19 precautions in the workplace, requiring employers to plan for social distancing and to provide extra hygiene facilities. There may also be special arrangements in place for Vulnerable workers, such as pregnant women and those who have been shielding during the crisis

Jobs available as a Contract Manager

Skills of negotiation are a necessary part of this role and prioritise health and safety in and around the site. As contract managers oversee almost everything, they may be asked to take on extra work throughout the week.

Who’s Getting What Salary?

Last year was a bumper one for executive pay in the biggest US companies despite Covid-19, say Theo Francis and Inti Pacheco in The Wall Street Journal.

I want that job!-David Potts

upermarket to a consortium led by Fortress Investments, which values the Bradford-based business at £6.3bn, say Sam Chambers and Robert Watts in The Sunday Times.

What Fraud? Peggy Ann Fulford nee Barad

Peggy Ann Fulford née Barard was born in New Orleans in 1958 and went on to study at Spelman College in Atlanta. She later set up King Management Group and befriended successful sports stars, most notably basketball legend Dennis Rodman. She claimed to have graduated from Harvard and attained her wealth from successful business dealings. She offered to help manage the star's investments for free to help them build wealth and protect them from scammers.

Who’s Getting What?

inding vote over executive pay. According to Reuters, Mark A. Russell, the president and chief executive officer, was awarded $159.2m, of which just $173,077 was in salary.

Jobs in Harrow

There are plenty of opportunities in the London Borough of Harrow. Whether skilled or unskilled, there are no shortage of jobs in the area.

Jobs in Hammersmith & Fulham

Hammersmith & Fulham is a mixture of affluent and up and coming areas. Virgin Group and Sony Mobile Communications operate their headquarters here, providing careers for those in marketing, advertising, financing and much more.

Kris Paterson