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Major job drought reported in India with woman being hit the hardest

Women have been hit particularly hard, with 89% saying their work has been adversely affected in the last 12 months

Lost your job? Why not become a friend for hire

He'll sit down with you, eat the lunch you've brought him, and hang on your every word, regardless of what you are saying, all for a fee of 10,000 (£70)

WHO’S GETTING WHAT? (James Gorman, JPMorgan, Cineworld)

David and Victoria Beckham have paid themselves £21.6m from their sports and media businesses since 2019 despite continued heavy losses at the former Spice Girl's fashion business

Part I of ‘Keep it simple’ – What are Bitcoin and blockchain?

It is apolitical - in other words, it isn't issued by any nation's central bank. Instead, it is created by a process known as mining Tips – Finding work in West Sussex

West Sussex is a county in the south of England, bordering East Sussex. There are plenty of job opportunities in the region

There’s more to diversity than colour

There are charities trying to redress the balance, but ultimately, businesses will only take action when they realise their commercial interests are best served by employing more people who think like their customers.

Who’s getting what salary? Apple, Elliot Management, The BBC

The BBC's Ken MacQuarrie, is on a £325,000 salary "to monitor whether the Corporation is biased"

UK unemployment, pay & overseas aid – The numbers you need to know

2.6 million people will be out of work in the second quarter of next year, before falling to 4.4% by the end of 2024,

Kris Paterson