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US food company to issue COVID-19 vaccines to 8,500 workers

JBS, the world's largest meat processor and second-largest food company, said it would offer a $100 bonus to workers who receive the COVID-19 vaccine

US jobs market expected to rocket in second quarter of 2021

America "is poised to add more jobs this year than any other on records dating back to 1939 – though the expected gain is unlikely to fully replace losses last spring, when the coronavirus pandemic first took hold".


Anyone who works in this industry will need to have an eye for uniqueness and notice the importance of patterns in everything around them

Does a new CEO boost the value of a listed company?

Given that CEOS play a large role in determining a company's strategy and operations, it's no wonder that the appointment of a new CEO can have a significant impact on a firm's share price.

Concerns that Britain will struggle to attract migrant workers in the building industry post Brexit

"I have tried to hire local lads, but their wage demands are far too high whilst their work ethics are far too low."

Up to 250,000 Australian jobs could be lost within weeks

As many as 250,000 Australians could lose their jobs in the coming weeks as the Government pulls the plug on its $90 billion subsidy scheme at the end of March

Does appointing a female CEO impact a companies value?

When a woman was appointed in a blaze of publicity, the company's share price fell

WHO’S GETTING WHAT SALARY? CBA, British Airways, Frasers Group and MP’s

Members of Parliament are looking forward to receiving an extra £3,360 on top of their £81,932 annual salaries from next year, says Esther Webber in The Times.

Kris Paterson