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Jobseekers beware of job frauds during this Covid Situation

Scotland disclosed that the latest survey found that nearly three-quarters of job seekers (74%) applied for jobs during the pandemic were fake.

Teenagers in high demand for jobs in restaurants, parks and stores

Many of the owners of restaurants, amusement parks, and retail stores, who desperately needed workers, expressed an unusual gratitude to the teenagers.

Number of Non-UK residents seeking work falls post Brexit

Figures from a survey carried out by the job website Indeed has shown the struggle to recruit staff since Brexit. The survey found that the number of EU citizens looking to work in Britain has dropped by more than a third since Brexit. The report shows a sharp decline in interest among EU jobseekers which was not replicated in other countries. Meaning that the tougher post Brexit immigration rules are having more of an impact than the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clarks workers to strike over ‘fire and rehire’ policy

More than 100 Clarks Shoes workers are considering a strike because the company threatened to fire them and re-hire based on the policy.

US dollar falls from three-month high

The US dollar fell from a three-month high last Friday. Analysts believe that the US non-farm payrolls report last month was mixed. The report shows that the overall data is healthy, but there are some weaknesses. The dollar index fell 0.375 points or 0.4 percent to 92.222, previously gaining a three-month high of 92.759.

Job opportunities are bleak for recent graduates

For students who graduated earlier this year and those still studying the employment prospects for remain bleak.

Torbay’s £20m ‘levelling up’ fund to drive economic growth

A multi-million scheme to improve Brixham fish market is being considered as part of a bid to the Government for regeneration funds.

US employers create 850,000 Jobs in June

US employers added 850,000 jobs in June, much higher than the average of the previous three months, indicating that it may be easier for companies to find enough workers to fill open positions

Naga Sharanappa