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US retailers will pay $223 billion extra for goods

According to salesforce forecasts released on Tuesday, in the second half of 2021, US retailers will spend more than 223 billion U.S. dollars in the same period in 2020.

GSK to create 5000 jobs in the UK

As part of a plan to create one of Europe's largest biotech parks in Hertfordshire, the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline will create as many as 5,000 new jobs in the next ten years.

Events jobs increase by 172% ahead of freedom day

The latest data from the world's largest recruitment website shows that as the UK celebrates "Freedom Day", the return of large-scale performances, sports and festivals has caused job vacancies in the event industry to soar to pre-pandemic levels.

GE Appliances creates 245 jobs in Louisville

Haier's GE Appliances celebrated the company's completion of a $60 million expansion at its global headquarters in Louisville to increase the production of four-door refrigerators. The project created more than 245 full-time jobs.

UK Retirement solutions firm will create 50 new jobs

Embark Group, a UK retirement solutions provider, has announced plans to hire more than 50 employees in Dundee to further develop its platform operations in the city.

UK hiring increases as payrolls rise by 356,000

The number of employees on UK payrolls rose by 356,000 in June as the labour market continued to recover from the worst of the pandemic.

Cities Where Parents Can’t Work From Home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of workers turned to work from home all or part of their time. At peak times, approximately 35% of workers are working remotely due to the pandemic. However, many jobs are not conducive to telecommuting.

Hospitality workers feel they will be overtaxed

Unless the pandemic unemployment benefits (PUP) are cancelled, thousands of workers returning to work in hotels and other industries in the coming weeks may be overtaxed.

Naga Sharanappa