Barclays, Tesco and NatWest ranked top three workplaces in the UK

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Barclays came first in LinkedIn’s list of the top 25 workplaces in the UK, followed by Tesco and NatWest.

The list ranks workplaces on many facets including the companies capacity to build and sustain a long-term career. LinkedIn compiled the list based on actions taken by the platform’s 30m UK members between January and December 2020.

The news editor at LinkedIn, Siobhan Morrin, said “With millions of people in the UK out of work, the Top Companies list provides a helpful resource of companies that offer skills development and stability, giving our members that added confidence when taking that first step towards their next opportunity,”

Barclays, which offers a mentoring programme and training modules to employees, has taken the crown in the list.

Tesco’s placed second because it provides a range of skills-based resources to help employees grow in digital confidence. NatWest, coming in at number three, boasts various skills development opportunities for its workers.

Dominating the list this year were financial services, technology, supermarket and online retail sectors. This was because they were able to evolve and quickly match consumer behaviours as they changed during the pandemic.  

Online shopping has seen a huge uplift in the retail sector due to the worldwide pandemic, which has lead to a boost up the ranking of companies like Tesco and Sainsbury’s. 

Other online retailers such as Amazon and eBay also experience growth during the lockdown periods causing an increase in jobs like warehouse management, logistics and delivery.

LinkedIn’s top 25 companies to work for in the UK:

3.NatWest Group
5.PwC UK
11.Bloomberg LP
13.American Express
14.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
16.Wipro Limited
22.NFU Mutual
24.Bristol Myers Squibb

The list only considered companies that had over 500 employees and also excluded LinkedIn, parent company Microsoft and all other Microsoft-owned companies.

Source: CityAM

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