Bogus Survey Warning

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Residents throughout Gloucestershire have reported receiving suspect telephone calls from a caller who has claimed to be working for the County Council.

Gloucestershire County Council Trading Standards Service has received a number of enquiries asking if the phone calls are genuine or a scam. The caller claims to be working with the County Council and carrying out a demographic survey. Complainants report that the caller has a foreign sounding accent and asks questions to confirm address information, dates of birth and also asks about life insurance. The caller is reluctant to provide information about the name of his business and his telephone number is withheld.
Show identity cards and give the householder time to check their identity. Show identity cards and give the householder time to check their identity

Trading Standards are advised that the County Council is not carrying out any telephone consultation of this kind at the present time.

Our advice is not to disclose any personal information as a result of an unsolicited call. If you have any cause for concern contact the County Council directly 01452 505345 to confirm that the person is from the county council before disclosing personal details.

In a separate incident residents of Tewkesbury have reported being visited at home by a man who claims to be carrying out a survey of their house for the County Council. The county council have signed up to a Cold calling protocol and will in most cases write to inform you of any intention to visit. Genuine County Council officers will not need to enter your home except by prior appointment with you.

Roger Marles, Head of Trading Standards, commented: Bogus callers will use a variety of ploys to get information or to gain access to your house. In most cases consumers can protect themselves by obtaining independent confirmation of the callers identity first. Consumers should not be anxious of appearing rude by asking callers to confirm who they are and by contacting the relevant service directly to confirm the caller is genuine.

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