Bonne nouvelle pour la France! Job search engine WhatJobs has arrived

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WhatJob, the 2019 tech startup that describes itself as “Not just another Job Search website“, has today launched its 41st location With millions of global users each month, the company has built a strong client base and has gained enough traction to take its powerful job search engine over The Channel to serve its European neighbours.

Speaking about the launch Shane McGourty, Global Managing Director, said, “With over 150,000 live job vacancies in France gathered from major job portals, our immediate aim is to empower millions of French job seekers at a time when a covid related downturn is hitting the market.”

With jobs advertised all across France, WhatJobs could find itself a prevalent choice as the ‘ go-to site’ for French jobseekers.

Alex McDowell, Global Head of Traffic, commented, “We’re delighted to announce the launch of today, and we are looking forward to building on our successes in other locations such as North & South America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. As such, we believe job seekers in France will welcome our easy-to-use search when there is a lot of uncertainty due to the global pandemic.

WhatJobs was founded by Alex Paterson and Shane McGourty in 2019 and has offices in London, Dublin and Bangalore. For a full list of their locations please visit

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