Calling young musicians in Gloucester!

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Whether you write songs, play in a band, sing, DJ or play in a community group, and no matter what sort of music you’re into, Gloucester Music Forum want to hear from you.

If you’re aged 14-25, a musician, and based in Gloucester, then Gloucester Music Forum want to know what you’re up to and what help you need to develop. It’s easy to do – Gloucestershire College are hosting an online survey at here and there’s also a Gloucester Music Forum page on Facebook, and MySpace.

Gloucester Music Forum was formed in 2007 to support music making with young people aged 14-25. It comprises Gloucestershire Music – Gloucestershire County Council’s Music Service for young people in schools, the Guildhall Arts Centre, Wired Records, University of Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire College.

The online survey is part of the Forum’s first project, a research study to identify what kind of music young people are involved in at the moment and what resources are needed in the future.

The study focuses on Gloucester City (although it will be extended to the County shortly) and is taking into account workshops, classes, performances, recording, rehearsing and promotion, youth and community work, the recording industry, venues, community music, music education and young people-driven activities. It will feed into a wider South West Music Industry research programme being planned for this year.

Cllr Tony Hicks, Cabinet Lead for Adult Services, Gloucestershire County Council said: “This survey will helps us find out what kind of talent we have in Gloucester and enable us to find out if there’s anything else we can do to help musicians in the county.”

Source: Gloucestershire County Council

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