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Which? offers top tips on avoiding job scams

Looking for a new job can be both stressful and exciting with individuals eager to believe the perfect job is out there for them – even if it sounds unlikely or unrealistic.

BitCoin Part II – What are the risks?

Is Bitcoin worth looking into as a way to make money? The short answer is yes, but we're not for a minute suggesting that you bet your house on bitcoin

Lost your job? Why not become a friend for hire

He'll sit down with you, eat the lunch you've brought him, and hang on your every word, regardless of what you are saying, all for a fee of 10,000 (£70)

Part I of ‘Keep it simple’ – What are Bitcoin and blockchain?

It is apolitical - in other words, it isn't issued by any nation's central bank. Instead, it is created by a process known as mining

Covid-19 Global

Total active cases
Updated on 11 April 2021 7:03 am
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Updated on 11 April 2021 7:03 am
Total deaths
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Bonne nouvelle pour la France! Job search engine WhatJobs has arrived

Bonne nouvelle pour la France! Job search engine WhatJobs has arrived

Google to pay $3.8 million in discrimination against Asians and woman

Google has accepted to pay $3.8 million to resolve the ongoing discrimination issue against Asian and women engineers.

Google to cause economic DEATH for Australia

if Google removes itself from Australia, it will create a massive problem for the economy.

Tata confirms thousands of new IT jobs in the UK

Tata Group is planning is to create 1500 jobs within IT Consultancy Services across the UK.

Don't Miss Tips – Finding a job in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is known as one of Europe’s leading areas of innovation and scientific knowledge. Areas include Didcot, Oxford and Henley-on-Thames.

Who’s getting what? Southern Water, Child Trust Funds, Airline Avianca

For those who like beer, the great outdoors and easy money, the world's biggest brewer has the perfect job

Avoiding the scammers. What shouldn’t I put on my resume?

While you will want to sell yourself and impress future employers/recruiters, providing too much personal information could leave you vulnerable to scams.