Chipping Campden floods – letters of thanks

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Dear Jeremy

The flash floods that hit Chipping Campden and the surrounding areas last Friday may have caused less devastation than the rivers that burst their banks in other parts of the country, but anyone who has been in any way affected by similar natural occurrences will understand how traumatic it can be to find your home and belongings badly damaged, if not quite wrecked.

So we would like to pay a little tribute through your pages to all the good friends, neighbours and kind souls who came rushing to help us when we were so greatly in need: Maralyn and Bill from Paxford, Anne and Ken from Mickleton, Pearl and John from up the road, Geraldine and Tony from across the road who had their own damage to attend to, Maureen who brought food and drink for everybody and stayed cleaning the whole day and Phil the Minister from the Baptist Church, who not only brought words of comfort but got himself thoroughly filthy carrying furniture and ruined possessions from the house to the road, from where everything was speedily removed in countless journeys by Graham and Conrad.

Our sincere thanks to you all and also to Hilary and John who let us stay with them and looked after us, to Janet and Noel who have for the time being given Oscar our dog a new home, as well as all you others who offered help in one form or another, of which we were unable to take advantage. But what do you say to somebody who drives up from London, helps all day with the cleaning and clearing, and absolutely insists that we stay in his holiday home in Chipping Campden until our house is inhabitable once more? Andrew, you have shown what is meant by true friendship!

Yours sincerely,
Joan and Robbie Kingston

Dear Jeremy,

We would like to say thank you through the Bulletin. Friday was a terrible day and night for so many in Chipping Campden and has left a trail of devastation for Campden people to clean up. We know that we will miss people out but with the Bulletin’s printing deadline looming we felt that it was really important to thank publicaly everyone who worked so hard to help their neighbours. We are sure that next month’s Bulletin will contain a lot more letters from the whole community so that nobody is forgotten.

The fire service were brilliant. Jeff Price opened the school for shelter for any one. Judith Ellis rallied folk around, making hot drinks and making sure that every one had a bed for the night.

John and Jean Ellis printed off information and organised the delivery of these and were ready to put their hands to anything to help as were Robert and Sheila Moore and Clive and Pauline Constable. Jennifer Kissel was there with her mop and bucket drying out the town hall as were Marion and Ben Ward. A big thank you to Graham Greenall for his continuous ferrying of flood damaged articles to the collection points. And a great big thank you to every one in Campden, it showed a true community spirit which we should all be very proud of.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Jones, mayor and
Sue Jepson, district councillor

(From the Chipping Campden Bulletin. Included with kind permission of Jeremy Green)

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