Chipping Campden wins a first in The Bledisloe Cup

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Chipping Campden wins first prize in the large village category

The mayor of Chipping Campden collected the award accompanied by the Campden co-ordinater for the competition, Ros Young, who said “Campden won by a whisker because we had tackled the areas that were criticised by the judges last year”
Most counties have a “best kept village” competition but The Bledisloe Cup competition started in 1937 and was the first in the UK. It was started by Lord Bledisloe upon his return to Gloucester after being Govenor General of New Zealand for five years and then taking the post of Chairman of the CPRE Gloucestershire branch.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Gloucestershire Branch runs the competition which celebrates the success of village communities in caring for their local environment. It’s a competition for all villages and there are three categories of village – large, population of 1000-3000, medium sized, population of 300-1000, small, population of 0-300 and a separate category for villages which have not entered the competition in the last ten years. This year was the 70th anniversary year of the Competition.

The first three categories of winning villages receive a trophy, The Bledisloe Cup village sign which they retain for a year, a plaque and a cheque for £250.00. The fourth categorie is awarded the C & G Cup plus a plaque and a cheque for £250.00.

CPRE Gloucestershire Branch
Community House
College Green
telephone 01452 309783

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