Closed for 50 years, Stroud District Council backs plans to open Bristol Railway Station

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Bristol Road Railway Station, in Stonehouse, was closed in 1965 as a part of the Beeching Cuts plan, which is the restructuring of the railways and reduction of routes done to increase the efficiency of travel.

The environment committee has agreed that the opening of this railway station will connect people with the Birmingham Line. The Birmingham Line extends through the town and connects Bristol with South West.

Presently, the trains commute from Gloucester to Swindon on a different line. Inhabitants of Stonehouse have to travel to Cheltenham, Gloucester, or Swindon to avail of a train. Only then they can go to the city. It is hectic, and if the rail station opens, it’ll hugely benefit the daily commuters.

Chris Brine, the city councillor, said that the opening of this previously closed station is a much-needed reform. A petition launched by campaigners online gained momentum when it managed to get 899 signatures. The basis of this petition is that they want the station to be reopened and renamed as the Stroudwater Station.

According to the councillor, people need to travel to the South West daily. To go through Southstone, they need to reach Gloucester or Swindon to avail of a train.

Stonehouse is home to 8000 people, and the future looks promising and bustling with masses, as many houses and buildings will be built there in the next twenty years.

He also added that Stonehouse is in a suitable place and position to have the station because from there, one is virtually connected to every direction. That’s why he and his people are trying hard to reopen the railway station. He also believes that it’s high time that they have a railway station there because the need for it is increasing by the hour among the people.

Councillor Nick Hurst stated that they are not the primary driving force behind this. In the end, it was up to the Network Rail whether this plan came through or not. If it’s not alright with the Network Rail, this plan is as good as dead.

He added that he understood the need for a new station at Stonehouse. Along with the reopening of the new station, there will be establishments and housings around the station.

According to the Gloucester County Council, they are committed to providing their people with various transport options, and they’re meticulously keeping track of public transport provisions throughout the county.

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