Cotswold gardeners urged to sign up for green waste service

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Don’t let the grass grow under your feet! That is the message being given to gardeners by Cotswold District Council ahead of the new waste and recycling collection service.

The Council’s current free fortnightly collection of garden waste will stop in April when new weekly collection arrangements are introduced across the whole of the District.

Under the new service, garden waste in the District will be collected weekly, but only if householders have paid either £30 per year for a garden waste wheeled bin licence or a supply of 50 brown paper garden waste sacks. Residents who receive Council Tax Benefit are entitled to a 50% discount.

Cllr Tricia Roeser and Caroline BallingerCllr Tricia Roeser, of Upper Oddington, is one of the thousands of residents who have already signed up for the charged-for weekly garden waste collection service. She is urging householders who still want their grass cuttings and hedge clippings collected from April to register for the new service now.

“Under the new arrangements, the Council will only collect your garden waste if you have paid for the service,” said Cllr Roeser, a member of the Council’s Waste Project Board. “That is why it is important to make sure you register now.

“The introduction of a small charge for the collection of garden waste is helping us to improve the entire waste and recycling service so that much less of our rubbish is dumped at landfill sites.

“We believe £30 per garden waste wheeled bin licence per year – which works out at 58p per week – is very reasonable, particularly when compared with the cost of taking garden waste to your nearest Household Recycling Centre.”

Invoices are being sent out to residents who have indicated that they wish to subscribe to the new service. Once those invoices have been paid, householders will receive either an annual licence for their garden waste wheeled bin or a supply of 50 brown paper garden waste sacks depending on which they have requested.

Residents who continue to use green wheeled bins under the new service will be able to empty food waste into them as well because both food and garden waste will be sent for composting together at the same new facility once the new collection arrangements are in place.

If you haven’t already done so, you can register for the new weekly garden waste collection service by visiting or by calling the Council’s Waste Hotline on 01285 623123.

Source: Cotswold District Council
Photo shows Cllr Tricia Roeser, using her garden waste wheeled bin, with Environmental Warden.

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