Cotswold’s Steve Edwards smashes the world record

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On Sunday 18th May 2008 Steve Edwards smashed the world record by running 10 marathons in 10 days in the fastest ever combined finish time – 35 hours, 20 minutes, 44 seconds – which totally blew away the old record of 37 hours, 39 minutes, 34 seconds set in 2007.

This new world record equates to running each and every marathon in just 3 hours, 32 minutes , 4 seconds on each of ten days which is a truly staggering performance that will sit deservedly in the record books for some time to come.

At the end Steve said ” We did it – this was a truly remarkable experience which by far surpassed my experience from last year. The emotion was so high and I think the pictures I’ve attached say it all, two of the most powerful human emotions and both felt within seconds of each other! This has to go down as one of the most memorable experiences of my entire life”

“Myself and Teresa, my wife, would like to thank the Brathay team for giving us the opportunity to repeat this incredible journey and making this the incredible success that it was”

“I would also like to give a heart warming thank you to each and every one of the 10 in 10 runners, you were all magnificent. Your strength and determination to battle through injuries and keep going inspired me to push myself harder. This was a massive team effort and I know I couldn’t have done it without you”

“Thanks also to Amy and John from Active Physio for their medical support, they did a fantastic job in making sure we were able to keep running every day. Also thanks to Robin of team Nutrition for supplying us with the right drinks to keep us hydrated and fueled over the 10 days, so important, especially on the early days when it was really warm. Also, thanks to Peter Bland Sports and Asics for supplying kit for all the runners””As I say, a massive team effort by one and all, thank you again so much for this life changing experience”

Steve’s 10 marathon times were as follows:-
Day 1 3:26, Day 2 3.36, Day 3 3.33, Day 4 3.37, Day 5 3.35, Day 6 3.34, Day 7 3.30, Day 8 3.29,
Day 9 3.29, Day 10 3.27
A total of 262 miles run with each mile run in approx. 8 minutes.

On the Brathay Challenge website you will find race reports from each of the 10 days which give a fascinating insight into how each day went for all of the challengers.

And you can still sponsor Steve and reward his staggering performance on

Source: Steve Edwards

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