Council’s safety drive to tour the Cotswolds

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A special week aimed at getting young people more aware of crime and safety issues in their area will kick off in the Cotswolds next week.

Cotswold District Council is running several events around the area when Community Safety Week starts on Monday December 3rd. This year the event will be focusing on issues affecting young people, and the five-day drive is being led by the Council’s Community Safety Team. Other partners involved include Gloucestershire Police, Gloucestershire County Council, the Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust and the county’s Youth Service.

During the week, Council officers will give advice and answer questions about a range of issues facing young people, including personal safety, protection of personal property, bullying and waste and recycling. They will also discuss the Government’s Respect programme, where young people treat their peers, elders and the community with greater respect.

The week will start with a visit to the Cotswold School in Bourton-on-the-Water on Monday (December 3rd). During lessons, Cotswold District Council officers will work with pupils to raise awareness of Community Safety, hate crime, staying street safe and respecting your peers. Council staff will work with small groups on a community safety project, which will then be discussed with the class.

The Council’s Trinity Road offices will host the Youth Forum on Tuesday (December 4th), where young people will come to the Council Chamber and discuss any issues that affect them, and have any crime and safety concerns answered by Council staff.

Also, on Thursday (December 6th), the SAG (Substance Action Group) will meet at Trinity Road in the afternoon. This will be chaired by the head of the Cotswold Youth Service and will tackle a wide variety of problems on alcohol, substance and drug abuse.

And a second in-school session takes place on Friday (December 7th), where officers will work with pupils at Cirencester’s Deer Park School in the morning. They will go into lessons to talk with pupils on bullying and safety issues, and set up a stall during break-time to give further advice.

Cotswold District Council’s Community Safety Manager Les Haines said:
“We want young people, their parents and their teachers to have good advice when it comes to personal safety, and that there are people here at the Council who can help and support you with this.

“It just helps to highlight the range of services we are able to offer to youth from here at Cotswold District Council, and we are all looking forward to working with the schools and their projects.

“Ultimately, we are trying to do our bit to keep down crime, raise awareness of it and reassure people who have fears and concerns.”

Anyone who would like to talk to the Community Safety Team should contact Cotswold District Council on 01285 623000.

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