Couple wins £1 million day after husband lost job

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The coronavirus situation has been the reason for the cut down of a lot of jobs. Among the many who had lost their jobs is Mr. David Adams. He had lost his machinist job.

At age 61, this kind of situation would be the worst for anybody. But, David and his wife Shelly had a change of fortune just when they needed it. After a day of the layoff, they won £1m on the National Lottery.

The couple said that they were going through a challenging time recently. The lottery win for them was delightful and life-changing at the same time.

The now millionaire couple had bought the Lotto ticket online. That proved to be the best decision they ever made. It brought them £1 million just like that.

The year has been tough on everyone. But, their luck has now changed.

Mrs Adams, who is now 52, will be flying to Canada for the first time to see her relatives.

Mr Adams stated: “Many people would think the redundancy was the worst news but in fact it’s just the final straw in a catalogue of difficulties we have experienced.

“Just last year Shelley was diagnosed with MS and had to give up the job she loved as a community carer, putting a strain on our finances and heightening her clinical anxiety.

“It’s been a really tough time but we stick together and try to keep smiling, whatever life has thrown at us.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we think the next thing thrown our way would be £1m.”

In the month of April this year, Mr Adams’ sister-in-law died from a heart attack. A month after that his brother died with coronavirus.

Mrs Adams is super excited to travel first class to Canada.

She said, “We have friends and family in Canada who we thought we would only ever see online, certainly never in person.

As for Mr Adam, he is excited to replace his Ford Mondeo with a Nissan Qashqai.

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