Cripps & Co team up with Baz & Fred to launch Cripps BBQs

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Cripps & Co, which runs the Stone Barn, has teamed up with pizza firm Baz & Fred to launch Cripps BBQs.

The venue is situated on a hill offering magnificent views over the Cotswold countryside. While it used to be a wedding venue, the coronavirus situation has forced Cripps & Co to pivot their business and turn these restored barns into temporary restaurants and takeaways.

The place which was earlier only open for private parties is now open to the general public. Cripps & Co have been hosting weddings for twenty years. The current arrangement with Baz & Fred is temporary and soon they could get back to the wedding business. Till then, you will be served specialised meals such as barbeques and rotisseries in large open areas.

The place has a fully-stocked bar and wine cellar. You can enjoy alfresco drinking and dining street food style.

The organisers have followed the social distancing regulations as laid down by the Government. There is plenty of space in the venue and you can safely enjoy your time without any worries about virus spread.

The speciality of this setup is that every week the chefs put up a weekly menu the details of which are made available on the barn’s Instagram account. You can pre-order through the Cripps & Co website.

Baz & Fred, known for their speciality with street food in London, have worked with the Cripps & Co team for years. Their collaboration with Cripps & Co is turning out to be a great success for them as well.

Cripps & Co has high hopes that people will fully use this opportunity to visit this place while they can. They are soon going to reopen the barn as a wedding venue.

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