E-scooters trial begins in Gloucestershire

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Residents of Gloucestershire can soon enjoy their rides on e-scooters. The area is all set for the launch of e-scooter trials as soon as in the coming month. The environment-friendly scooters designed by Voi Technology Limited are now in the reach for the locals for trial, which is expected to happen in the next month. 

The residents of South Gloucestershire can avail of this trial. Additionally, the users who like e-bikes but wish to rent them can do so. 

The details of the trial and the cost of rides shall be shared by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA), which is conducting this trial in partnership with Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, and South Gloucestershire councils.

The legislation that the Department of Travel passed in 2019 boosted the manufacturing and trials of e-bikes across the UK. 

The trials are not just the first time or limited to these regions. Many localities do already have the facilities of renting the e-bikes while many others are planning to implement trials and make e-bikes available to their residents soon.

It was The Zwings that first made its presence in this arena. With as little as 150p-20p a minute, the company made many e-bikes available on rent for many enthusiast users. Riders can drive them on specified cycle lanes and tracks with a license. 

Earlier this month, Voi Technologies made the trial run at Bath and Bristol where it even allowed riders to take them home. To attract more customer base and make e-bikes available to as many people as possible, the company has decided to lend the bike even if it is for 5 minutes.

Already thousands of interested customers have purchased e-scooters privately. However, they might not be able to enjoy the ride on the roads officially as they are still in the queue for insurance requirements for propelled vehicles.

On the other hand, the police seem to have no real policy to curb the illegal use of e-bikes despite the lack of license as the number of sales of e-bikes just seems to boom every year. 

Thus, despite the trial, the usage of e-bikes freely on the roads might be a distant dream for these vehicle lovers. On the other hand, the trial should have taken place in September end, but has been postponed for some reasons. It is likely to happen in the second half of October or beyond. 

The authorities of the region, especially the Mayor, seem to be happy with the initiative. He feels that this trial is a step towards the greener initiatives the was his long-term plan towards sustainable transportation in and around the locale. 

And not just in thee localities, the public usage of e-scooters is banned all over the UK. Owners might enjoy them in their private spaces but cannot use them legally in public places and on roads and pavements.

Hopefully, the legalities around e-bikes would clear soon and let their owners flaunt the pride of owning them and contributing their bit towards sustainable transportation means. If you are interested in a career involving e-scooters please visit

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