Gloucester man banned from city centre after vomiting in a pub

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Many of us have a similar experience of drinking too much on a Friday night and waking up the next morning thinking about what stupid thing we have done the last night. 

But this Gloucester man had created the most fascinating drunken story anyone can get. He vomited at a pub located in the city centre and made “Several attempts” to enter the pub again. 

The pub authorities reported that the man, whose name was deliberately not disclosed, made several attempts to get inside after the incident. 

Gloucestershire police department has reported that the man got banned from the city centre for a whole twenty-four hours. 

A spokesman from the Gloucestershire police force tweeted, “#PCSOStevens issues a male with a section 35 dispersal notice and got banned for 24 hours from the city centre. 

“The Male had been expelled from the city centre pub after vomiting; he then made several attempts to re-enter & refused to leave instead of repeated warnings to not enter the premises.”

Legislations are in place right now with the most unyielding approach to stop commoners from street drinking. Authorities have the full capability to ban any person caught under section 35.

These types of reportings were not recorded for a long time, thanks to the lockdown and panic among people, which kept them from street drinking. But as the streets gradually start getting busy, and the bars and restaurants opened their doors to the thirsty, incidents like these are likely to be seen often. 

Police officers are out on patrol to keep an eye on all the streets of pubs and bars to prevent similar incidents happening again in the middle of the city centre.

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