Gloucestershire joint highest performing county council for equality

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Gloucestershire County Council has risen to 29th place, out of nearly 300 employers, on the Workplace Equality Index published by Stonewall on 9th January 2008.

The index is the definitive national benchmark, ranking the UK’s top 100 employers in terms of positive attitude to gay, lesbian and bisexual staff, and serving our customers.  Gloucestershire shares the position of highest performing county council alongside Kent.

Employers are ranked according to criteria ranging from implementation of an effective equality programme to demonstrating how they engage with lesbian and gay staff, customers and service users.

Pete Bungard, Chief Executive, Gloucestershire County Council said: “I’m very proud that Gloucestershire County Council has been recognised amongst the top 100 gay-friendly organisations, and that we have moved up 34 places since last year to joint best performing county council.  We will continue to use the Index to develop best practice.  I really feel this is a fair recognition that for all matters of equal opportunity we take these issues very seriously.  We want to be best able to serve our diverse communities, and for the Council to be a great place to work without bullying, harassment, or discrimination for any reason.”

Stonewall is renowned for its campaigning and lobbying and also works with a whole range of agencies to address the needs of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in the wider community.

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