Gloucestershire MPs seek urgent action from Police on badger cull

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Three Gloucestershire MPs have called on Gloucestershire Constabulary to take urgent action to ensure farmers are properly protected, and the law is enforced, to prevent harassment and unlawful behaviour by some of those opposed to the badger cull.

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (The Cotswolds), Mark Harper MP (Forest of Dean) and Laurence Robertson MP (Tewkesbury), three of Gloucestershire’s rural MPs, have today written to the Chief Constable of Gloucestershire Constabulary, Suzette Davenport, relating to concerns from their constituents that the police are not properly dealing with allegations of criminal behaviour.

Commenting on the letter, Mark Harper MP said:
“A number of my constituents feel very fearful, terrorised might not be too strong a word, by the harassment they have faced by some of those opposed to the badger cull.

There is nothing wrong with genuinely peaceful protest, but there is evidence that some have gone much further than this and have broken the criminal law.

The police must deal with such unlawful activity firmly and ensure the law is enforced.”

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP commented:
“Peaceful protests are one thing but criminal activity should be dealt with firmly by the police and I hope that the Gloucestershire Constabulary will take firm action if the law has been broken.”

Source: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP Member of Parliament for The Cotswolds

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