GWR’s Magazine “The Cornishman” wins top award

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The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Trust’s magazine The Cornishman took centre stage at Toddington station on Sunday 27 October 2013.
That’s because the magazine’s volunteer editor, Steve Standbridge, accepted the Heritage Railway Association’s (HRA) 2012 award for ‘Best Magazine’, presented by the Association’s president, Lord Richard Faulkner of Worcester.

The magazine, named after the only named express train to pass over the Stratford to Cheltenham line: ‘The Cornishman’, which ran daily between Wolverhampton and Penzance, is circulated to members and volunteers who keep the railway running.

The judges said that the magazine is ‘jam packed with content, well presented and to a very professional standard.”

Lord Faulkner, president of the HRA and also a patron of the GWSR, presented a plaque to Mr Standbridge, saying that the GWR can be justifiably proud of its magazine.

“It provides what any magazine should aspire to – a good read that leaves the reader wanting more.

“The magazine is in the forefront of promoting any railway; it provides the glue – for many, it is the only contact with the railway and it’s a vital one.”

A beaming Steve Standbridge, editor of The Cornishman said: “I have almost lost count of the number of photographs I have looked at and stories I have edited over the past 20 years.

“Receiving this award is, of course, a huge honour.

“The HRA’s award acknowledges the great contribution that magazines like this make in maintaining good communication with those who freely give of their time and money to ensure that the railways they support go from strength to strength.”

Mr Standbridge pointed out that The Cornishman has recorded the progress of the GWR from its earliest years.

“From humble beginnings the railway has achieved great things, as well as suffering setbacks such as the two embankment collapses over the past three years.

“Now the growing GWR is knocking on the door of Broadway and the magazine will record the huge achievement of our volunteers in reaching that and other major milestones in the future.”

Mr Standbridge said that he regarded the award as being for the GWR Trust, which is the charitable arm that provides the volunteer support for the railway.

“I certainly wouldn’t be able to record the railway’s news in the way that I do, without the strong support and encouragement of all of our volunteers – so really, this is as much for them as it is for me,” he added.

The Award plaque will be displayed at Winchcombe station.

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