Have you been the victim of a job scam?

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Scammers will always find way pluck money of others and their methods could be particularly crude.

Jobseekers are especially vulnerable to be taken advantage of and since everything moved largely online or over the phone it’s never been easier to deceive those desperate for work.

First huge scam is to encourage the unwary into payments for DBS checks and searches.

One Bristol woman tells the Mirror that she thought she was lucky after a phone interview with one of the recruitment agent’s from Mental Rabbit Limited recruitment.

She was asked to provide the agency with £45 transferrable immediately to do the CBS check on her after asking the lady for references for a healthcare assistant job.

The interview ended and she could no longer contact the agents nor the director Blair Little to follow up on her application. She was not provided with a DBS reference number and was told that it was going through a third party and in the end he spilled the beans and admitted that he never sent it!

When she asked for her money back she was told it was not possible. She said she was shocked by the experience and is worried that others may also fall for it.

SAFERjobs together with the Metropolitan Police, Home Office and Trading Standards help fight job market scams.

Ever since the pandemic started there was a surge of fake job scams especially jobs that relate to the pandemic.

We saw a 70% increase in those who fell victims to those who vultures since March.

The DBS scams are widespread and even the smallest amount taken from those looking for work to support their families is substantial. Apart from financial detriment victims’ mental health and hopes of improvement are completely dashed by the fraudsters.

Jobseekers should be particluary alert when they come across a job advert which sounds very generic such as customer service work or a warehouse work. Worryingly those jobs are advertised on big websites such as

Even though the review made by Indeed on 8 December rejected Mental Rabbit for a quality violation they still managed to scam her. Indeed’s spokesperson said that they have a dedicated team that reviews accounts automatically as well as manually.

As a rule of thumb, there shouldn’t be any costs that applicants incur, if charged for DBS checks they should be swiftly refunded the costs.

Jobseekers must be aware that they should never pay any money to an employer prior to starting their roles. No legitimate website will ever ask you for money.

Director of Mental Rabbit changed his mind on refunding the victim money they took away and justified the decision with their inability to provide the applicant with a secure employment

Mental Rabbit has been put into liquidation due to the lockdown causing business failure.

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