Hundreds of job vacancies available within the NHS for mass vaccination drive

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Rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine quickly could be the only way to tackle the virus. Over a period of one and a half months, the NHS expects to vaccinate thirteen million people. The overall strategy seems to be based on dividing people into four groups on a priority basis.

Hundreds of medical institutions have been appointed to oversee the program’s roll-out, with many pharmacies and medical centres operating together. With the clock ticking, the NHS is looking to recruit thousands of experienced healthcare workers to assist in the vaccination process all across the United Kingdom. Students, healthcare workers, and experts associated with the medical field will be fast-tracked to the top of the recruitment list.

The NHS has urged professionals from the medical field to register with them ASAP to help fill roles. Clinical assessments will also be carried by these candidates but strictly under a registered medical professional’s supervision.

Each individual will be trained before the work begins. The NHS has set recruitment targets for applicants and has asked professionals with qualifications under “GMC, GDC, NMC, HCPC, GPhC, Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland or pandemic temporary register (including Bring Back Staff)” to apply online.

Those who are registered but not trained can join as a vaccinator. Non-registered professionals or students with a medical education background can also apply for the vaccinator role. The NHS has said that initially, the contract term will be from three to six months, and if required, they will extend this to make sure targets are being met.

Vaccinators will be paid between £10.09 – £11.19 p/hour, while £12.74 p/hour will be given to registered medical professionals. The RHCP Clinical Supervisor (Immunisations) will receive £16.04 p/hour.

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