Job market set to bounce in the UK whilst the EU struggles

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According to a leading UK job portal, the UK is on target to see a major employment boost. Data shared by Adzuna shows a 16% hike in job vacancies across the country since the Home Office has started to announce vaccination numbers.

The report shows that leading firms posted a total of 170,000 new job vacancies in January 2021, taking the total figure to 749,000 vacancies available within the United Kingdom. Compared to Europe, the hiring process is still prolonged, with Italy, Germany, Holland, France and Austria being surpassed by the UK. This will be welcome news for Pro Brexiteers and food for thought for those who think the UK should have remained in the EU.

The founder of Adzuna, Andrew Hunter, said: “It’s a much-needed piece of good news for job seekers after months of hardship.”

The UK’s job market was hit badly due to Covid-19 and Brexit fears but is now starting to see a slow recovery. January 2021 changed the service sector’s entire scenario, confirming a 16% rise in job openings.

IT, public relations, science and construction, are a few sectors opening up after the year-long pause. More industries are expected to begin recruitment again within the coming months. Shane McGourty of has also noticed a major uplift in contractor based roles. He said, ” Companies are looking for contractors more than permanent staff right now; this will no doubt be due to having the complete confidence to take on full-time members of staff with the threat of further lockdowns a real possibility“.

A different report published by Recruitment & Employers Confederation (REC) seemed to agree with Shane McGourty. It stated that firms are more likely to hire temporary employees, and permanent vacancies have still not recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

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