Jonas Muthoni and Matt Colletta of the Deviate Agency in L.A. launches New Public Relations Firm: Somefuse

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Jonas Muthoni, founder of the industry-leading digital media agency Deviate, together with business partner Matt Colletta, have launched Somefuse, an L.A. public relations firm designed to elevate the client experience with a full range of digital and PR services.

Los Angeles, California — Jonas Muthoni and Matt Colletta, the creative minds behind Deviate Agency, the digital marketing company that has helped lead clients to success through customized branding, social media, and digital marketing strategies since 2014, announced that they are launching a public relations firm in Los Angeles.

The public relations agency, Somefuse, provides clients with additional media exposure from top-tier publications while offering a holistic approach to public relations management. Somefuse guides clients toward global awareness through killer content, well-placed media exposure, brand elevation with reputation management, as well as full-service, on-demand marketing solutions.

The Somefuse strategy for becoming and remaining relevant is similar to the approach Muthoni recommends for clients. He notes, “The digital space is an ever-changing world and as a business, we have to adapt to keep providing our customers best in class solutions. At Somefuse, we partner with customers to develop on-demand, flexible solutions designed to enhance their digital presence. Technologies, strategies and the general public are becoming smarter, and we work hand-in-hand with our clients so that they can adapt to and capitalize on ways to remain competitive by staying ahead of the curve with PR and reputation management, content creation, and design services.”

When Muthoni and Colletta assessed the growing range of needs for clients in a global marketplace, they saw a clear opportunity in the industry for full-service public relations services. At Somefuse, Muthoni and Colletta apply their decade of experience to lead teams who craft marketing campaigns that demand attention and attract users. The goal? To showcase a company’s brand story so that potential customers have a unique, on-brand digital experience that represents the best version of the company’s products and services.

The Public Relations Services offered by Somefuse create lasting connections to a company by crafting a brand story that resonates with potential customers. This proactive PR method focuses on discovery, outreach, and relationship management. This innovative approach allows Somefuse to take advantage of the perfect niche outlets and best publications to make sure a company’s brand story reaches both new and existing customers. Somefuse can also ensure a company’s brand is protected by monitoring top niche sites, handling responses in a timely manner, and creating campaigns that can influence a company’s brand value and direct the online narrative.

Somefuse also supports clients by handling a range of design needs, including UI/UX prototyping, web design and development, landing page creation, and marketing material customization. This comprehensive brand marketing support includes crafting and maintaining the visual rules that make a company’s brand uniquely, consistently their own.

With respect to content marketing, Somefuse offers expertise and guidance in web content, editorial content, lead generation, and search engine optimization. By leveraging years of experience in the industry, Somefuse teams are unparalleled at creating on-demand content that drives traffic, generates leads, and establishes a company’s brand as a thought leader.

Since professional images are critical for a company’s credibility and online success, Somefuse provides top-tier video and photo services. Whether on location or at their own studio in downtown L.A., Somefuse can guide clients through creating professional podcasts, advertising videos, and music or venue videos.

Somefuse offers customized quotes based on the needs of the business as well as three levels of quarterly plans, which, depending on the plan level, include services like ongoing content planning, social posts, newsletters, weekly blog articles, monthly skyscraper content, and lead integration.

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