Moll Flanders comes to Stratford upon Avon

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STMO Media Group, owners of Stratford upon Avon’s most inventive and original attraction the Creaky Cauldron, has named Jadis Shadows Productions its first resident theatre company for their Magic Alley Theatre in Stratford. This new collaboration grew out of Jadis Shadows working closely with Magic Alley in the presentation of two new historical plays; The Queens’ Heads and Affirmations of the Maimed Debauchee, during the autumn of 2012.

Touring theatre company Jadis Shadows Productions, who presented two new historical dramas at Stratford upon Avon’s Magic Alley Theatre late last year, can now call this dramatic and intimate venue home.

The theatre company, whose work has been described as full of “inventiveness, intuition and daring”, has won critical acclaim for its toured presentations of specially adapted plays and classical texts. Productions have visited a wide selection of venues throughout the UK, including regional playhouses, contemporary performance spaces and the London Fringe.

Past works have included The Revengers Tragedy, Marlowe’s Edward II, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots and Shakespeare’s Macbeth; as well as a selection of original writings; all with darkly historical inspiration.

James Tudor, Artistic Director of Jadis Shadows comments: “Our work and performance style felt at home in Magic Alley. It is such an evocative space that we are hugely excited at presenting specially developed annual programmes for the venue. We enjoy experimentation and progression in our work and it is such an adaptable promenade space, begging for inventive use… this is a perfect and inspiring collaboration.”

The season opens in April with a new adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s infamous tale of money, sex and scandal, Moll Flanders:

Money, sex and scandal!
A new promenade adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s classic tale!
The fortunes and misfortunes of the infamous Moll Flanders.
Born amidst the degradation of Newgate prison we follow her life of ‘continued variety’. From seduction to marriage, whoredom to thievery; she is a woman alone fighting against a world of men. Using only her natural gifts, and ample charms, she is determined to make her way and flourish: by any means necessary.
Yet this is a society where the odds are stacked hard against the female sex and little does Moll realise that she lives forever under the shadow of the noose.The fortunes and misfortunes of the infamous Moll Flanders.

4th, 5th & 6th April 2013- two shows nightly from 7pm.
Box office- (tickets from the venue) 01789 203273

Moll Flanders is to be swiftly followed by a new piece based upon the depraved life of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood beast of the Carpathians. This is followed by a darkly arresting run of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream is to be presented appropriately for midsummer and a nightmare trip to the woods for Halloween, as you are invited to revisit the twisted tales of the brothers Grimm.

Finally an exciting seasonal treat is on offer throughout December. Board a train for a magical journey; following the mischievous Jack Frost as he battles to free the land from the tyrannical rule of the Ice Witch and rescue Father Christmas; all in time for Christmas Eve.

Dave Matthews, CEO of STMO Media Group said, “We are looking forward to working closely with Jadis Shadows giving Stratford the chance to see innovative and immersive theatre in a unique venue. Performances will be intimate and spellbinding – Stratford has never seen anything quite like it before.”

To purchase tickets for these incredible pieces of promenade theatre by telephoning 01789 203273 or for more information visit

STMO Media Group’s Magic Alley Theatre can be found at:

The Creaky Cauldron 21 Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6QW.

Tel: 01789 203273.

Further press comments regarding Jadis Shadows Productions work:

“The bohemian undercurrents in the companies approach suit their material down to a tee; there’s a sense of the gothic, the burlesque, something dark yet seductive.”

“A sparse, minimalistic set places the focus firmly on the players who capture the bawdy licentious mood of the piece well. This blood soaked production is a triumph, and was warmly received by an appreciative, enthralled audience.”

Source: Jadis Shadows Productions

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