Neolithic Tea Party at the Rollright Stones

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On Saturday August 4th, the Rollright Trust invite everyone to a ‘Neolithic Tea Party’ at the ancient Rollright Stones. Tea and biscuits will be on sale, alternatively bring along a picnic.

Events will include: DIY fortune telling, Cheesy lucky dip, croquet, dowsing talk and display and an astronomical display. Rollright stones wardens and trustees will be on site to provide information.

Beginning at 1.00pm approx, come and enjoy a peaceful afternoon in an idylic setting. All proceeds to the Rollright Trust for the upkeep of the Rollright Stones.

The Rollright Stones are a complex of megalithic monuments lying across the present county borders of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. The complex consisits of three separate sites: The King’s Men, The King’s Stone and The Whispering Knights. They span nearly 2000 years of neolithic and bronze age development and each site dates from a different period.

See WWW.ROLLRIGHTSTONES.COM for more information.

Source: The Rollright Trust Limited

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