New Coronavirus Cases confirmed as schools set to open

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According to the latest report from Public Health England, there have been two new positive confirmed tests for coronavirus. The new cases are in the Gloucester and Stroud region. 

The nation-wide number of cases reaches 318,000. 

The total number of deaths in the country due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) has reached a staggering 41,366. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 35 deaths in Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust. Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has recorded 194 deaths.

Number of cases as per the local records:

Cheltenham – 441 cases 

Cotswolds – 218 cases 

Forest of Dean – 168 cases 

Gloucester – 558 cases 

Stroud – 275 cases

Tewkesbury – 267 cases

Amidst the growing number of cases, getting schools back in September has become a new challenge. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson is under pressure as thousands of students had their A-levels downgraded due to the setback of institutional education.

Earlier, he had pledged to put primary school kids back to school, which he failed to do. This second failure could cost him heavily in terms of his political prospects.

Prior to his campaign launch, Mr Williamson said: “The Government is committed to doing everything necessary to deliver on our national priority of all students returning to schools and colleges in September.

“All children deserve to be back in school as it is the best place for their education and well-being.

“I know families are growing more confident that schools and colleges are ready and waiting to get back to teaching, with the right protective measures in place.

“As the start of term approaches, now is the time for families to think about the practicalities of returning to school in September, whether that’s reassuring themselves that school is the best place for their child to be, or planning the school run to avoid public transport where possible.”

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