New coronavirus cases spike in the Gloucestershire

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According to Public Health England Today, five new coronavirus cases spiked up in Gloucestershire county within the last 24 hours.

There are 1,967 cases reported across the region substantiated by the concerned government agency. Within 24 hours, there has been a rise of 853 cases in the UK. The current report shows 326,614 confirmed cases right now!

According to the official report in the last 24 hours, at least four people died, raising the total death tally to 41,433.

An issued statement by the NHS England states that three people have died from being COVID19 positive out of all the confirmed cases. Across England, the total deaths across all hospitals are 29,500. 

According to the report, it was clear that the dead patients had a past health condition, and families were informed duly regarding this issue. Since August 19, no further deaths were seen in the Gloucestershire area.

A prolific study shows that children who have been affected by this virus have several other diseases as well. The authorities reassured the parents with solid proof that coronavirus cases are rare to the children.

The report also laid down the fact that children who were admitted to hospital for this virus are very rare and the requirement for special care is even more diminutive.

To this date, six children have died. All of them had “profound comorbidities”.

To confine, contain, respond, and observe, there is a management plan proclaimed by the Gloucestershire county council. This strategy will facilitate them to fight against the invisible enemy. To make sure of the efflorescence of the plan, a special Covid-19 Health Protection Board was created.

This exceptional team is entitled to monitor the symptoms set out by the World Health Organization. There was a rumor in the Gloucestershire county, that it’s COVID19 free, but, the concerned authority is not ready to carry this into their account until and unless they have solid proof in their hands to which they can rely on.

Though the special management team has assured that the state of affairs of the Gloucestershire is far more stable in the UK, president Borris Johnson was alerted by the second wave of CORONA virus. President Johnson may call the insurgency against this virus with other European allies if it is demanded. 

Gloucestershire County Council’s county’s director of public health, Sarah Scott, mentioned five new reported cases in Gloucestershire in the last 24 hours and eight new reported cases in the last five days.

Sarah Scott, the council director, gave importance to the topic that five reported cases in the last 24 hours and eight reported cases in the last five days have been submitted to the authorities. 

Previously the county has seen either 0 cases or just one a day. She told BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s breakfast program today, “Clearly we are concerned and we’re monitoring it.”

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