New parking fees proposed for Cotswold District

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New parking charges are being proposed by Cotswold District Council Cabinet at its meeting on 20th January 2009.  At the same time a recommendation for a new parking tariff of five hours is also being recommended to help part-time workers and to encourage visitors to stay longer in the area.

Car parkingThe proposed new charges represent an increase of 3.5%, rounded up to ten pence per individual tariff. Meanwhile parking for up to half an hour will remain the same at fifty pence.

The new tariff of five hours has been requested because currently people can only pay for one, two, three or ten hours. Generally, part-time workers need to stay for four or five hours, which under the new proposals would cost £3 instead of over £6. It is anticipated that the new tariff will also encourage visitors to the area to stay longer than three hours and therefore visit more of the local attractions and amenities.

The proposed increase for season ticket holders is 20% and rounded up to £5.  This will mean an annual ticket holder will pay £410 instead of the previous charge of £340 for a year.

A recommendation to scrap payment cards, which are preloaded cards that can be used at pay and display machines, has been put forward in a bid to save costs.

Cllr Mark Tufnell, Cotswold District Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment, said:

“We are proposing to make the increase in charges as painless as possible for people parking in the area. An increase of ten pence on most tariffs is the best solution, as we have no option but to put up the charges to reflect the increase in costs of providing the service. We do however propose to keep the current charge of fifty pence for half an hour, to help those who are only parking for a short time.”

“We are also keen to help businesses by creating the new tariff of three pounds for five hours, to encourage people to visit attractions, eat out and shop in the Cotswolds.”

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