Persimmon Homes sack builder for questioning shoddy brickwork on a new home

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Persimmon Homes whose motto is “New homes for a new generation of homeowners” has fired a builder for uploading images of uneven brickwork. Keith Barker lost his job after posting a video showing what is clearly a wonky wall on a new development in Weymouth, England.

The video taken by Keith shows builders struggling to place a spirit level up against the wall on a new development in Weymouth, Dorset. A worker is heard muttering “that is bad” as the level appears to rock back and forth. Within days of Keith’s video going mainstream, he was contacted by the site manager, who told him he was no longer welcome and was subsequently sent home.

The Sun newspaper reports that Keith was quoted as saying “I’ve never seen brickwork that bad before. “The bloke in charge of the bricklayers told me they’re just under a lot of pressure to hurry up and get the job done, which I think is a major cause of it. I think it’s disgraceful they can sell the houses looking like that for what people pay“.

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes issued a statement saying. “The individual concerned was a sub-contractor and not a Persimmon employee. As such they are subject to contractor disciplinary procedures. The photos which were uploaded to Facebook show work in progress on unoccupied houses on an active building site”.

Review Website scores an average of 3 stars for Persimmon with 52% of reviews being listed as ‘Bad‘.

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