Pharmaceutical plant idled despite the effort to save jobs

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Despite a last-ditch effort by labour and advocacy jobs groups to keep it running, a West Virginia pharmaceutical company that employed almost 1,500 people has been shuttered.

According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, workers at the former Mylan pharmaceuticals plant in Morgantown ran out of time on Saturday.

Viatris Inc, a pharmaceutical company, stated in December that it would lay off employees by the end of July. The plant was previously owned by Mylan, a generic pharmaceutical business that combined with Upjohn last year to form the new company.

Viatris, which recently announced a 20% reduction in its global staff, is currently one of the world’s leading generics manufacturers.

Workers were left scurrying to find new jobs as the big company left West Virginia, a state always attempting to attract new businesses to boost its ailing economy.

On July 21, dozens of labour and advocacy organisations urged President Joe Biden to intervene in the company’s proposal.

A new campaign led by “Our Revolution”, a political nonprofit organisation founded by Bernie Sanders, urged Biden to use the ‘Defense Production Act’ to halt the closure and form a task team to figure out how the company could continue to produce pharmaceuticals and support medical jobs.

According to the Gazette-Mail, the White House has not publicly replied to the closure or the group’s letter.

Source: US News

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