R1 Bus Service For Locals

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Villagers, who claimed that their independence was taken away from them, can now breathe a sigh of relief. In October 2019, residents of Childswickham, Leedons Park, and Broadway Park reported that 599 bus routes were changed, cutting them off from public transport. 

Villagers living around the area also mentioned that they had limited public transport access that made the 599 bus routes prime aspect of public transportation. The bus route was important for residents and was used primarily for weekend trips and quick getaways. 

On Monday, the local bus provider N N Cresswell stated that they are willing to initiate a six month trial of the new R1 bus service. Villagers can avail of the R1 bus service on Tuesdays and Fridays and both days there will be a return service as well. The bus routes are connected between Childswickham, Evesham, and Broadway, meaning people living in these places will enjoy better connectivity very shortly. 

Vera Oliver, a 73-year-old woman from Wyckham Court, Childswickham, said to the reporters, ” It as an improvement to all locals. We can plan a short trip for these two days. We were cut-off for a while, but with the new bus services starting, it feels like we have regained some of our independence back.”

She also mentioned, ” I can go to various shops in Evesham and bargain a little about which is important at the moment. My granddaughter, who lives with me, wants to get a part-time job on Evesham, but sadly she couldn’t because the buses are running only twice a week. 

The Worcestershire cabinet member for transport and highways, Coun John Smith, reported that they were delighted to hear the local bus provider company, Cresswells, has come forward to help the citizens of Childswickham. 

“We wish Cresswells on every success for these commercial ventures. We hope that this new service will be properly appreciated by the people of Childswickham, in every possible way. They can now fully utilize the services it provides.”

The new R1 bus service will run on a trial basis, and all expenses will be monitored by the local bus providers as well. As of now, this venture is not subsidized by the county council. Passengers without concessionary passes have to pay £4 for a return ticket between Childswickham and Evesham. 

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