Residents of Chipping Campden raise concerns with Local MP over speeding cars

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Local Residents recently met with Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP for The Cotswolds, to discuss the issue of speeding traffic on Station Road in Chipping Campden, and the narrow footpath used by dozens of students from Chipping Campden School.

As a result of a petition by local resident Ann Taylor, Mr Clifton-Brown organised a meeting with Bob Skillern from Gloucestershire Highways, John Sanderson, Head Teacher of Chipping Campden School and a number of local residents to discuss the matter. During the meeting, many speeding vehicles were spotted and the danger of the path, which has become obscured by overgrown bushes, was clearly demonstrated. There was also the problem of parents parking their cars too close to the dangerous bend near the school.

As a result of the meeting, Mr Skillern undertook to look at implementing a range of measures, including the painting of zig-zag lines to discourage cars from parking near the bend, digging out and cutting back the overgrowth to restore the footpath’s original width, and erecting more 30mph repeater signs along the road with a message attached reminding motorists they are still in a 30mph zone.

Mr Clifton-Brown welcomed these improvements;
“I sincerely hope it will be possible to introduce the measures outlined by Bob Skillern, and that they will have a significant effect in slowing the traffic down, as I fear that someone could be injured, unless something is done.”

Left-Right, Bob Skillern of Gloucestershire Highways, John Sanderson, Principal, Chipping Campden School, Blance Chatfield, local resident, June Davies, local resident, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP, Terry Brotherton, local resident, & Ann Taylor, local resident and petition organiser.

Source: Office of Geoffrey Clifton Brown MP Member of Parliament for The                 Cotswolds

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