Riders raise funds for Great Western Air Ambulance charity

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A former patient has gone on to raise funds for the local air ambulance charity that recently went to her aid.
At around 4:30pm on Tuesday 6th August 2013, Sharon Gauld was out riding her horse Billy near her home in Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, when Billy became spooked by a pheasant, causing Sharon to fall. She landed badly on her foot, causing her leg to snap from the lower shin. Luckily, Sharon had her mobile phone with her, and was able to ring her husband to call an ambulance for her, which arrived soon after.

However, it was decided that the crew of the Great Western Air Ambulance were required, and shortly after they landed nearby with Critical Care Paramedic Pete Sadler and Critical Care Doctor Tony Kehoe on board, who administered pain relief to Sharon. Sharon was then taken to Frenchay Hospital near Bristol, and is now using crutches as part of her recovery.

To thank Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC), providers of an air ambulance service for the 2.1m people of Bristol, Bath and the surrounding counties such as Gloucestershire, for going to her aid, Sharon organised a fun ride to raise funds on Sunday 27th October 2013. The ride took place over four private Cotswold estates with over 100 manmade jumps and three separate routes of four, nine, and 12 miles, receiving 220 entries overall and raising a fantastic £5096.

GWAAC Fun Ride 2013GWAAC Fun Ride 2013Speaking of the event, Sharon said: “I decided to organise the fun ride because if the air ambulance hadn’t come and helped me, I wouldn’t have got to hospital so quickly. I could not have organised the ride without the kindness of the three landowners involved and other sponsors and the fantastic support of friends and volunteers.”

“I cannot thank Dr Kehoe, Pete Sadler and the Great Western Air Ambulance service enough for their swift arrival and quick decision to send me to Frenchay which I don’t doubt saved my leg.”

John Christensen, Chief Executive of GWAAC said: “On behalf of everyone involved in our charity, we are delighted that Sharon has decided to support our cause by organising the fun ride. The funds that she has raised really will help to keep our helicopter flying, and we are looking forward to inviting Sharon and her family to our base to meet the crew that went to her aid very soon.”

Photo attached: Credit to Sarah Farnsworth

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