Rise in recorded violent crimes in Cotswold

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As per the latest police records, over the last year, there has been an exponential rise in the number of crimes in Cotswold.

While the COVID 19 lockdown has made it difficult to get the accurate statistics of the crime rate in the region, police officials have stated that their records have shown the overall crime rates to be below the normal level.

There have been 1,159 cases of violent crime recorded by Gloucestershire Constabulary in the last 12 months till March. This is according to the report of the Office for National Statistics.

The figure shows an increase of 56 percent from the records of last year.

One of the prominent reasons behind this rise in violent crime rates in the region is the increase in violent crime without injury. Such cases rose by 102 percent, from 179 incidents to a whopping 362.

Incidents of violence with injury have risen by 25 percent to reach a staggering figure of 475.

There has also been one case of homicide. Prior to this incident, there were no such offences reported for twelve months.

Apart from these, there have been 320 reports of stalking and harassment. This has raised the figure by 73 percent in comparison to the previous year.

According to the Office for National Statistics, these crime figures were mostly from the pre-lockdown period. 

The total number of crime cases in Cotswold has increased by 14 percent with 3,955 cases recorded over the period of one year.

The statistics mentioned above are based on crimes reported to the police. The ONS advises taking these statistics with caution.

There are other statistics which provide a better picture of the crime rates in Cotswold. The Crime Survey for England and Wales is a better source of such statistics, according to ONS.  

In a press statement given by Joe Traynor from the ONS Centre for Crime and Justice, he said: “Information collected prior to the coronavirus pandemic from the Crime Survey for England and Wales estimates a fall of 5 percent in crime for 2019.”

“It is not possible to say whether this would have come to represent a change from the flat trend in recent years, as it is likely that the current lockdown will have an impact on the level of crime in 2020.

“The 2019 data revealed different patterns for specific types of crime, for instance, robbery increased but burglary decreased, while fraud and lower-harm violent offences remained stable.

“Although the number of homicides where a knife or sharp instrument was used fell across the country, it increased in London.”

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